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Bulletshark Landscape & Construction is committed to providing customers with bright, innovative, and affordable outdoor lighting solutions. We have been helping San Diego residents with professional landscape lighting since 2012. Landscape lighting illuminates your outdoor living space and enhances your landscape appeal. We strive to provide the highest quality materials and services to all of our clients. You can rest assured that if you work with us, you are working with the best in town. Contact us today and let us get started.

The Process To Illuminating Your Landscape

Outdoor lighting can really make your landscape stand out. At Bulletshark Landscape & Construction, we specialize in landscape lighting for types of properties. No matter how big or small, we do it all! With our experts in outdoor lighting, we will create the perfect landscape lighting design for you. When we arrive at the property, we take notice of the unique features of the home. We will do a thorough walk through and give you many suggestions of creative lighting effects that we believe will truly enhance the property. After the walkthrough and listening to what our client wants, we will come up with a creative, innovative design that will be perfect for your home. With the new landscape lighting, your home will illuminate and stand out from the rest of the neighbors on the block. If you have no idea how you want to illuminate your landscape space, no worries. We specialize in landscape lighting and will make sure we illuminate areas around your home that will create the perfect curb appeal and safety.

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4 Incredible Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Your home is your sanctuary. You deserve to have an incredible landscape. Adding landscape lighting to your landscape has many benefits that many are not aware of. Yes, it definitely enhances the appearance of your home and its landscape areas such as entryways, columns, custom masonry work, water features, large trees, color in the planters but it also has other benefits such as:


  1. Increasing home security and safety – Outdoor lighting does create a better appearance to your home but it also keeps everyone safe. It illuminates paths, walkways, and your driveway in the night so you don’t trip and fall. It also increases security around your home and prevents burglaries. Well maintained landscape lighting shows people that your home is well cared for and prevents trespassers and theft.
  2. Expands interior living spaces – An important part of a landscape lighting design is how it is viewed from the inside of the house. When you illuminate features in your outdoor space, it creates an extension of the interior living space. Bistro lighting is very common and looks great from the inside looking out.
  3. Increases utilization and enjoyment of outdoor living space – Backyards have become an extension of a home. It creates extra space for entertainment and relaxing with family and friends. When you add landscape lighting to your backyard it not only makes it look beautiful but it also helps illuminate the outdoor kitchens, firepits, swimming pool, etc for a better outdoor experience for everyone.
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The Cost Of Outdoor Lighting

Installing landscape lighting is an excellent way to add ambiance to your home. There are many factors that will affect the cost of landscape lighting such as the type of lights you use and the size of the property. We can help you find the most cost efficient lights for your home that are also of high quality. We take pride in providing 100% quality work so we only use 100% quality materials. Here are some things that can determine the cost of outdoor lighting:


  • The type of lights installed – Are they solar, led, low voltage?
  • Where you are installing the lights 
  • If the landscape needs to be redone or sections need to be replaced
  • The amount of  lights you want to use


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landscape company in san diego